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Høvel Sharpener

Høvel Sharpener

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The Blackwing Høvel sharpener allows you to create custom pencil points, tailored to your specific needs. It offers the benefits of a traditional woodworking plane right in the palm of your hand. Create your custom point by holding the Høvel at both ends with your dominant hand and shaving directly away from yourself until you've reached your desired point. Adjust the angle of the Høvel and the depth of the blade to achieve a variety of different points. The Blackwing Høvel is made from black anodised aluminium and includes a matching black wooden base. This set also includes 10 carbon steel replacement blades.

Custom-point sharpener / Matte black, anodised aluminium / Black wooden base / Carbon steel blades / Includes 10 spare blades / Packaged in a card box / Created in collaboration with Makers Cabinet / Includes instruction manual / Designed in United Kingdom


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