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About us

The Paper Company is an Indian online stationery boutique focused on handpicking the most beautiful and luxurious paper products from around the world and bringing them to Indian shores.

It all started with the realization that we had become stationery collectors and felt hesitant to use the cute notebooks and thank you cards collected from our travels abroad. What if we run out?? :O And so began our hunt for chic yet practical paper products in India which ended with the creation of The Paper Company.

We believe that personal stationery makes a deep, lasting impression and helps you celebrate and share meaningful moments. And if you are like us, it also helps you to stay organized and motivated ;) There is nothing better than the feeling of crossing-out tasks from your To-Do List! Alright, maybe receiving a handwritten card is slightly more exciting…

We bring the best paper goods from renowned design houses and independent stationery-lovers from all over the world to your doorstep. Our love for paper and passion for seeking out all things beautiful remains the guiding principle at The Paper Company.

We hope to be your trusted resource, your indulgence & your necessary luxury!






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