Raw Aluminium Fountain Pen

Raw Aluminium Fountain Pen

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From Kaweco's AL Sport series, this aluminium pocket fountain pen is the epitome of understated beauty and old-school charm. Over time, the pen gets its own character and patina as it wears and chafes, which only highlights the beauty of the hand-polished raw metal body. Just 4.1 inches when closed, it is the perfect pen for on-the-go writing. And the ink cartridges provide a hassle-free writing experience. It makes for a wonderful gift for the men in your life.

Pocket fountain pen / 4.1" closed / 5.3" open / Raw aluminium body / High gloss finish / Hand-polished / Steel nib / Iridium tip for ink cartridges / Available in Fine, Medium & Broad nibs / Silver clip & details / Comes with a Royal Blue ink cartridge / Packed in a metal box / Made in Germany


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