Volume 223 Pencil Set

Volume 223 Pencil Set

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A tribute to Woody Guthrie and his immutable optimism, each Volume 223 pencil features a design inspired by This Land’s “ribbon of highway,” “endless skyway” and “golden valley.” The matte black ferrule and earth-toned eraser are a nod to the many miles Woody traveled.

Woody is often depicted in sepia tones reminiscent of the Dust Bowl, but his artistic palette extended much further. He filled composition notebooks and day planners with sketches, poems and paintings on his countless journeys. His art was playful and vibrant, despite its often gritty content. He described his fusion of old compositions and new ideas as a mashup of “what is” and “what could be.” Woody believed we could be better, and used his creations to inspire people to believe the same.“All you can write is what you see.” On February 23, 1940, Woody Guthrie scribbled these words at the bottom of a lyric. Above them was a song he had just written about the inequality he witnessed in his travels across the United States. This Land Is Your Land would go on to become one of the most poignant and iconic folk songs in history.

Set of 12 / Balanced graphite core / Californian cedar body / Limited edition / Iconic square ferrule / Earthy yellow eraser / Packaged in a box / Made in Japan


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